About Us

Harmonious Developments is a Fourth Way School with three california centers: Arcata, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Our third line of work is to create the Inner Space Museum: a sanctuary for the philosophical/religious/spiritual treasures of humanity.  Along the way, we have created exhibitions to make esoteric ideas and tools more available for the public, and produced a feature film.  Simply put, this school is more likely to have a creative project in everyday life than to sit in meditation; however, we organize the projects in such a way as to create a higher state.

All of our students are participating in this blog so you will get a range of impressions, insights, and perspectives.  One student is just beginning; another has been working on themselves for decades.  As we progress we aim to be open about our subjectivities: the psychological features we are individually working on and that we know color our perspectives, our essence types, and center of gravity.

We regularly hold open meetings; check out our calendar to see when the next one is. If you wish to contact us directly, please use the form below.


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