In the footsteps of myself, part III and final: How I found the Fourth Way

“Hope lives in the dreams of those who are awake”

History attributes this phrase to Alexander the Great. I think it was his tutor, Aristotle, who suggested it to him.

These words, whoever they came from, intensified my feeling that throughout history many people have spoken the same words, and made me think that those aware of the fact they are not aware would constitute the refuge where truth waits to be provoked and reveal itself. So as Socrates whispered to me at the beginning of my journey, humility -to know one’s own ignorance- would be the magic threshold to knowledge.

At this point my excitement provided me a great momentum and I redoubled my efforts to collect quotes. I started from my house and hunted all the magazines, books, and any kind of publications lost in the corners of old furniture, under the TV, drawers, dressers…This first “phase” regarded me with hundreds of quotes. The second phase involved some sort of research: I went to my city’s newspaper building, and found out the exact day when they started publishing their three daily quotes. It was in some point of October 1995. At this time I was in summer break from college, so I had plenty of time. I woke up for 6 or 7 weeks at 6 in the morning and went to the periodicals files every morning, where for hours I would copy all the quotes one by one. It’s not lie that they constitute kind of the best mornings I can remember from my youth. I owe to this period beautiful memories of walking in downtown Cordoba at this magic hour when the air smells like if it just took a shower, with all the stores closed, and pigeons as the lords of the pedestrian paths. It was one of the only things I did for my essence as an adult.

But let’s go back to my path.

After this super effort to harvest immediately all the quotes available in my vicinity, I add around 4000 quotes to my collection: it didn’t take me too long till I found the next clue. It was extracted from the work of a Spanish writer, Escuderi, and it was a beautiful reminder -almost a warning- of the rule that head and heart play in life:

“Does not matter how good is the head; nothing can beat the heart”

After this one, many other quotes helped to build my own way to forgotten knowledge. In an attempt to apprehend them -and with great pleasure- I transcribed them to personal notebooks that I still keep as my personal treasure, and whose number arises to around 7000. A great unexpected thing I obtained from this hobby was to get to know dozens of authors I would never have known other ways, as well as a great big picture of the world’s script and it’s principal characters. It became my source of authors to find and read, as well as my mandatory bible of knowledge to re-read in search of hidden clues.

And was going through this process of revising my sources that I found the quote that led me exactly to what I was, intuitively, looking for. And the quote itself was in the same cheap mini book I mentioned and showed to you before. It proved to me the first time I read it that I wasn’t actually putting attention; great evidence of how blind I could be and, in front of such a truthful clue, keep going without noticing it, as somebody who is asleep.

But this time I did put attention, and when going through that mysteriously dense mini-book again, I found this alchemic formula of words that Mr. Gurdjieff put together and said to his students almost a century ago. I like thinking in how long it was sitting in my house, for years, waiting to be found, going from corners to drawers, till I finally it read it and took possession of it.

It changed the course of my life. Hopefully it will at least leave a mark in yours:


This still creates such an impression on me. The clarity of the sentence, it order and simplicity, the final intuition of my deeper ambition…

It compelled me to research about the author, and eventually, fortune put in my hands a newspaper where I found a post about a group of people who studied their teachings.

I made the call, and this is how one day of 2001 I got to find my way, the Fourth Way.